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I am Lavina Arlotta Jeter with Keller Willams -Roatan

My MISSION STATEMENT: to help find the right property for you personally. Whether it is a new forever home, a family vacation retreat, a new business venture or an investment property. I am here for all your needs start to finish.

My first step with you after getting to learn about you , is to help educate you about Roatan and Bay Islands real estate; before helping you make a purchase.

Please call me free from Canada and the USA.

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I have two successful businesses here on Roatan. I will work just as hard working for you finding a new forever home, business, land or investment property. With my many contacts all over the world, it will benefit you as a seller. Let my past and present real estate experience and knowledge work for you. I will represent you with complete honesty, ethical and moral values; these are the reasons why to choose me as your agent.


Keller Williams Roatan is bringing together Bay Islands industry professionals and agents; working together to offer you the very best buying and / or selling experience.

Keller Williams Realty has offices in over 50+ regions worldwide, including the USA. We are more than just a name over the door – our brand is working here, for you. The corporate values, vision, proven models and systems have been cascaded down to ensure that the Keller Williams service can indeed be the same “Here” as it is “There”.

Our company, our office and our team are powered by passionate associates who have a mutual interest in succeeding in and influencing the real estate industry of the Bay Islands. Keller Williams-Roatan agents offer a wealth of experience, bursting with industry knowledge, armed with first-class mentor training and filled with enthusiasm and professionalism.

I am ready to serve you! I will not only help you with the purchase of a new home but with the moving logistics as well.

A new beginning is alluring, please reach out to me because every journey begins with just one HOPE – one step.

Come discover Roatan with me and our Keller Williams team and let me help make living in the Caribbean – a Reality!


The island of Roatán was founded as a municipality of Honduras in 1872. It is the largest island of the Bay Islands. Home not only to 78,000 inhabitants and also, to a great variety of plants, animals and the second largest reef in the world: the Meso-American Reef. 

Thanks to it’s natural beauty, Roatán is considered one of the most popular and visited tourist destinations worldwide. In 2017 Trip Advisor gave it 15th ranking of the main destinations in the world. Roatan is considered to be a blessed gem of the Caribbean, because we are located south of Hurricane Alley – Latitude Sixteen.

Roatan is 1 of the 3 ‘Bay Islands’ of Honduras in the western Caribbean Sea. It is 37 miles long and 4 miles wide. Roatan is divided into two municipalities [governments]. Santos Guardiola – east and Roatan – west. Roatan, the west municipality bears the same name as the island itself. The substantial differences between the East and the West would be population density, convenience to larger towns, and lifestyle.

As the largest generator of tourism in the country. The island of Roatán has a large number of tourist activities and places. The two largest towns [locally called villages] are French Harbor and Coxen Hole, both located in the municipality of Roatan.


The Keller Williams Realty systems and models were a new way to do business in the United States and Canada when Gary Williams founded the company in 1983. Proven models and systems that set the framework for success in any market worldwide. We have implemented this proven concept within the Bay Islands Region of Honduras. With more than just a “brand in a box” approach, we are a training and coaching company that offers the most successful models in the real estate industry. The very best training and tools for our agents and offices across the globe.

Our agents and support staff all go through the “onboarding” process of training. By the time Keller Williams agents are assisting you with your real estate needs, they are completely prepared to give you the best possible experience.  Whether you are buying your first property on Roatan or looking to sell your home; we are committed to working with your best interest at heart.

We also have a support team right behind all agents and an in-house attorney/ legal department. Which, ensures our agents are equipped with everything they need to provide the very best representation for our clients.

Keller Williams ROATAN is conveniently located in the administration building in the Lawson Rock development in Sandy Bay.

LEAD LOTTO – anyone can give me a Lead. If that lead turns into a client you get $100.00, just for connecting us. If that client buys or sells a property here on Roatan you get a referral fee! Thank you

Each Office is a Independently Owned and Operated